Topic Study Kits- Pre-Existence

Topic Study Kits- Pre-Existence

I'm finally spending some love on my topics scripture journal and it feels great. A topics scripture journal is where you document your studies on individual gospel doctrines and principles as opposed to chapter by chapter studies.

"Studying by topic typically follows, grows out of, and builds upon our reading of the scriptures from beginning to end. ...studying by topic, using the Topical Guide and index to the triple combination, allow us to dig into and explore the depth of the scriptures and obtain a much richer spiritual knowledge. This approach increases the rate at which living water flows into our lives."

-Elder David A. Bednar

At Worthy Written Words, I have created some topic study kits to help make things easier for you. All you have to do is download the kit, print it out, fill it out, and paste it in your journals. Embellishments need to be cut out first. I also have a generic topics kit that you can use over and over for any topic you want. The first topic study kit I created was the Prayer Study Kit. You can see the blog post on that kit here.

A new Topic Study Kit has been added to the store. It all about the Pre Existence. It includes 11 embellishments, 3 scripture or scripture journal inserts, 1 color coordinating Topics Template, and a freebie that matches.  

Here is how I have used the kit in my own journal. I started off with using watercolors on the background and then splattering paint. Then I started adding the embellishments around the important information I wanted to keep. I attached the insert with washi tape. The cool thing is when you flip it over there is more information on the back.

Many times when we receive our patriarchal blessings, we are told information about the preexistence. I LOVE adding parts of my blessing into my journal when it is appropriate. Here I have added it behind the insert. I've blurred out the message for privacy reasons, but you can still get an idea of what I did. The embellishments are so easy to cut out and paste to add a pop of color to my studies.

I love the tab! With each of these kits I will make at least one matching tab. Eventually, my topics journal will be full of fun colorful tabs.

On this side of the layout I used a lot of the embellishments from the kit. I also threw in a couple of Wordy Bits on the bottom picture.

There are other parts of the kit that I didn't use in mine but you can see them on the cover image above. There is also a FREEBIE that goes along with this kit that you can get here.

Aimee White
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