How I Mark My Scriptures to Reference Corresponding Journal Entries

Julie B. Beck said, "I like to think of my scriptures as a workbook." and I like to do the same. This means I am not afraid to write, draw, and mark up my scriptures to suit my learning needs.

In the front cover of my scriptures I have created a legend. This tells me what the different colors in my scripture markings represent. I try to keep them consistent.

So according to my legend, anything thats marked or noted in purple is referring to my scripture journals. It is usually marked with a #:##- which represents Volume: Page Number. Each of my journals are marked as a Volume. My first Chapter Journal is marked as Volume 1.

 My second journal I created that I use to solely study Topics is marked as Volume 2:

And my third journal I have started (my pocket page style journal) after I finished my first journal is marked as Volume 3:

I also make sure to number each of my pages.

I even keep a Table of Contents to help organize it further.

Therefore in my scripture when I come across something I want or have journaled more about, I underline it, or highlight it and mark it journal volume: page number. Here's an example-

In my scriptures I come across the following:

This scripture is talking about FAITH. This is a topic that I have decided to study more about in my Topics journal. So after I have created the page, I marked the word "faithful" as 2:49-50 which means you can read more about my thoughts and research on faith in my second journal volume, pages 49-50.

Now when you look in my second journal on pages 49-50 you see:

Here's another example- in my scriptures I see:

Sariah is a person mentioned in the scriptures. I would like to study more about her that won't fit in the margin of this book. So I dedicate a page in my scripture journal. You can see by the marking that in my Volume 1 journal on page 18 you can see my Character Analysis I did on Sariah as follows:

This volume:page number reference is also used inside some of the templates where it asks you about other journals where you have written about that person/topic/ etc. You can see a section for it in the picture above.

You can see more of my tutorials here for more information on how to use the templates on this site and gain inspiration. If you have any additional questions about this tutorial you can contact me. 

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