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At Worthy Written Words we provide study tools, beautiful art, and instructional resources that help awaken and cultivate a deeply rooted relationship with Jesus Christ and a flourishing testimony of his restored gospel. I am a wife and a mom of 3 littles. I struggled with reading the scriptures everyday. Life always got in the way. As I started to journal what I was learning I noticed it was nice but hard to go back to find something I had written down in all the random entries. I needed a way to organize my thoughts, guide my reading, and document my spiritual impressions in such a way that I could always find them when I needed to. Then I learned about creating organized scripture journals by Chapters and Topics and my whole life changed. Now I love my scripture study time and look forward to it daily. Instead of just reading the scriptures like I used to, I really search, study, and feast on them. I look up words I don't understand, research people and places, create charts and graphs and timelines, use maps, align my reading with conference talks, etc. I'm a visual person so for me I love to add artwork to my journals, but it is not necessary. I spend lots of time on one chapter or one topic, but to me its not about the quantity of my reading, but the quality. I originally created all these templates for myself to use and thought maybe others would enjoy journaling their spiritual studies as well. So I began selling them in 2012. In 2016 I decided to invest in myself and create a new better functioning website in hopes of growing and reaching more people. In 2018 I added a design team of amazing ladies to help give more content and more variety to the store. Please share what you like or pin ideas for later!

Now all you really need to study the scriptures is the Holy Ghost. But including journaling to my study has added creativity, fun, and time to ponder what the Spirit is trying to teach me. Not to mention the journal will become a family heirloom that will someday teach my children and grandchildren when I am no longer around. I hope my joy of study can help spark that light inside of you to try again to make your scripture study time a priority in your life.  

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 "I love scripture journaling!! Learning how to make a scripture journal from Worthy Written Words has been life changing for me. I used to just read my scriptures and not get a whole lot out of them. Now I spend the same amount of time studying the scriptures, but I learn so much. As I read General Conference talks and the Ensign I find links to the topics I have already studied and get excited about adding them to my scripture journal. I'm able to add to my journal as I learn and my knowledge of topics grow. I love reading the scriptures now. And I love that I'm making something beautiful to give to my children so they can learn all that I have. Thank you Worthy Written Words."
-Tamara Zappe



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