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I'm finally spending some love on my topics scripture journal and it feels great. A topics scripture journal is where you document your studies on individual gospel doctrines and principles as opposed to chapter by chapter studies.

"Studying by topic typically follows, grows out of, and builds upon our reading of the scriptures from beginning to end. ...studying by topic, using the Topical Guide and index to the triple combination, allow us to dig into and explore the depth of the scriptures and obtain a much richer spiritual knowledge. This approach increases the rate at which living water flows into our lives."

-Elder David A. Bednar

At Worthy Written Words, I have created some topic study kits to help make things easier for you. All you have to do is download the kit, print it out, fill it out, cut, and paste it in your journals. I also have a generic topics kit that you can use over and over for any topic you want.

The first topic study kit I chose to create is one is about Prayer.


The idea of these kits is they are a combination of both templates and embellishments so you can really have fun! I was so excited to use the kit and I hope the following pictures give you an idea of how it can be used.

On the left is a color coordinated Prayer Topic Page that you can fill in with scriptures and quotes.

And on the right side I used an envelope from Paper Studios to create a place to store all of my journal entries of my answered prayers. This is done to helpmeet notice the hand of the Lord in my everyday life.

The sticker on the envelope as well as the mini templates inside the envelope come with the kit. Additionally, the pink tab is included as well.

Another way to use the mini template in the new Prayers Study Kit is to make a prayer insert. 

Using the "letters home" tag represents your letters home to heaven. And you can use any of the 4 stickers to label what you are listing. This side is "blessings I need" but there are three other options. You could also fill these in and put them in an envelope instead of an insert with washi tape. 

There are more elements in the kit which I haven't shown here in detail but they are on the kit cover at the top, such as a monthly personal prayer tracker that would go really well in a planner or scripture journal as well.

You can purchase this kit right here in the shop.



Aimee White

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