My Favorite Journaling Supplies

Here is a list of my favorite supplies I use when journaling in scriptures and scripture journals (some are affiliate links, but they are products I already use): 

JOURNALS: Any journal will work. However we just created one for The Book of Mormon that we wanted for us and we think you will love it too! It has templates printed inside, spiral binding, 275 pages on #70 paper to help with blebdthrough, etc. You can see more details here.



Deseret Book has lots of different options for their wide margin Book of Mormons. They are smaller. Some have lined margins. The inside text is exactly the same as a regular BOM. I've decided out of all the kinds you can use, these books are my personal favorite. You get great quality at a great price. I especially like the pink hardcover one because the margins are wider than the green one as shown in my picture above.



PENS: You need a good ballpoint pen that won't bleed through pages, or leave puddles of ink that will smudge and make a mess. My favorite black pens to use in my journals are:

  • Gelly Roll Pens- I love to use these in my journals. There are many kinds. My all time favorites are their "Glaze" pens. They are awesome to use on top of acrylic paints.



    GESSO:  Used for prepping your scripture pages for wet media like paint or heavy markers. It protects the pages from the pain bleeding through. 


    I like to use the kind in the tube vs. the bottle. It keeps it from crusting shut and getting dried bits inside when opening. You can see a tutorial on how to prep your scripture pages with gesso here.
    INK PAD-
    • Make sure you are using an ink pad that is WATERPROOF so that when you add wet media after using stamps it won't smudge ink everywhere. I am currently using and loving this one: Ranger Archival Ink Pad, Jet Black


      • Clear Sticker Paper- clear is more expensive but allows you to see words underneath as long as the ink isn't too dark.
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