My Favorite Journaling Supplies

JOURNALS: Any journal will work. But my personal favorite journals are the handmade coptic journals you can make yourself or purchase here. I like this style of journal because it lays flat when you are writing in it. It also has thicker pages since its created with a drawing pad. I like how it has over 100 pages so it lasts a long time.

PENS: You need a good ballpoint pen that won't bleed through pages, or leave puddles of ink that will smudge and make a mess. My favorite black pens to use in my journals are:

  • Copic Multiliner Pens (size 0.1) - You can find these at Hobby Lobby or online. They are great black pens to use in your journals but even better in your scriptures. 

  • Microns will work too, but NOT PURPLE. I used the purple one for awhile only to find out that after a long time had passed, the colors bled through badly, but they don't at first.
  • Staedtler Triplus Finalizer Markers. You can purchase them from Deseret Book or Amazon and I've even seen them in Target. These are perfect for writing inside a journal, but don't use them in the thin pages of your scriptures, they will bleed through.


GESSO:  Used for prepping your scripture pages for wet media like paint or heavy markers. 


This is the kind that I use and you can purchase it here. You can see a tutorial on how to prep your scripture pages with gesso here.
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