Painting in Your Scriptures- Watercolors and Watercolor Pencils

I have had so much fun learning how to paint in my scriptures with my watercolors. Its my new favorite thing! 
This image of the boat I admit I totally copied from a pin on pinterest that takes you to It originally depicted Noahs ark but in my scriptures I have it as Nephi's boat he built to sail his family to the promised land in my Book of Mormon. Because I loved it all by itself rather than write all my notes on top of it I decided to put them on an insert which you can see attached with washi tape next to it. There are actually 2 inserts attached there.
In this picture I had something from the previous page bleed through really bad on accident so I had to paint over the whole footnotes section with some white gesso to cover it up and I created this instead with some watercolors, stickers, and colored pencils. 
The trick is to prep your page you plan to paint by first covering it with some clear gesso and then let it dry completely. This prevents the paint from bleeding through and with thin scripture pages this is a must!

This is the kind that I use and you can purchase it here. This next image was also something I copied from a pin on pinterest that takes you here.
I prepped the page with clear gesso, than used watercolor pencils to do the rest. You can use a water brush to get rid of the grainy look that pencils give. I love this so much because this page is one of my favorites where it talks about the women giving birth in the wilderness and eating raw meat and I can't imagine doing either of those things so I have mad respect for those women and they helped me a lot when I was grumpy and uncomfortable with my pregnancies.
This last image is a mountain range because this page is talking about Nephi going to the mountains to get instructions from the Lord. 
If you are uncomfortable painting directly on your scriptures, you can always paint on paper and attach it with washi tape as an insert. Here's an example:
This was painted on watercolor paper. I traced the quote from @biblesandcoffee but painted the image underneath.
I hope these give you some ideas and motivation to let you know that you can do it!!
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Aimee White

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