Introducing the First Guided Study for 1 Nephi Chapter 1 MEGA and MINI Kit!

I think for a lot of people starting a scripture journal can be intimidating. How do I begin? Where do I start? In contemplating this I came up with the idea to do a more in depth kind of kit that focuses on a chapter in the Book of Mormon, 1 Nephi 1. This kit tells you what to study on, so that you don't have to come up with everything on your own. Its a great beginners kit to help you figure out this whole scripture journaling concept. 
It comes in 2 different packages. The MEGA kit contains 13 study guide templates, 1- 5X7 scripture insert or scripture journal insert, and 8 embellishments.
The MINI kit is the same kit, but with only 8 study guide templates, no insert and no embellishments. The reason for the difference is the MEGA kit costs $9.99 but if you are uncomfortable spending that much you can opt for the MINI kit which is only $3.99! 
The only size available at the moment is 8.5 X11 which means you just print them out and fill them in and you can put them in a binder, a notebook, an existing journal, etc. In the future I plan to offer more sizes.
This picture above is one of the study guide pages on "Tender Mercy" but you can see at the bottom of the page I have also used some word cut up strips from the Wordy Bits Volume 1: Study Kit also in the store. Three Wordy Bits strips do come in the MEGA pack as well. 
I hope you enjoy this kit! If there is enough interest I will continue to make more of these and hopefully get some bundles together so you can purchase them for more than one chapter at a time. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of these!


Aimee White

Tem mais anotações de outros capítulos?

Aimee White

Hi Aimee! Right now this is the only chapter guided study. Its meant to instruct you on how you can use other templates in the store for future chapters. You can get the Topics page, the Character Analysis Template, the Maps template, etc. under the Chapters or Topics Kit section.

Aimee White

Really like this! Are there more chapters available?

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