Map/ Location Study Scripture Journal Templates


For awhile now I have been creating pages in my journal for all the different locations I am studying about. You've got the Valley of Lemuel, Nahom, Bountiful, Jerusalem, and more locations all mentioned in just the first book of Nephi. I came up with the idea of creating a template for these types of pages. So here is a kit that includes vintage maps of Arabia (for studying the journey of Lehi's family after they left Jerusalem before they sailed to the promised land), Central America (for after they reach the promised land), as well as the United States (for studying the Doctrine and Covenants). Here is my first try at using the Arabia template for a page I was working on.



You can see at the top there is a place to list the name of the location you are studying, and then a vintage map below it. Next to the map is a blank space. This is meant for you to attach any pictures you have found of that place more close up. I just printed my picture out and used washi tape to attach it (with photo splits on the back).




The map is black and white but I used watercolor colored pencils to fill it in. It was so much fun! I love to color! Then I added a star to the specific point on the map that I am learning about using metallic gel pens.



Below the map is a space to list any historical facts about that place, and below that an area to list any scriptures that reference that location and what you learned. And as always a place to list any other journal references. Each template comes in a .pdf format. Also included is an instruction page to show you how to fill the page in (marks shown in red). This kit can be purchased for immediate download in our store.

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