1 Nephi Character Labels for Scripture Journals


While using my Character Analysis Templates I have often wished I had some sort of label to put across the top of the person's name I am studying. So I created a kit that includes 20 character labels with varying looks for scripture journals. Simply print them out, cut them out, and if desired, color them in.



I've used a label here for my page on John The Beloved, where I used it in the center of the page and then branching out from it are all the important scriptures that teach me about him. (I colored the border in green to match the scrapbook paper).



I'm attaching the following picture just because I thought it was a fun idea. I took a file folder and glued it shut to make an envelope and then added little strips to pull out with thoughts on each one.

You could put a label on the front of the envelope with strips inside of what you have learned about that person.



For those who like to keep things simple, I have also shown how to use them with the Character Analysis Templates as I mentioned earlier. I just printed it out, cut it out, and colored it in and glued it to the top of the page. Easy peasy and it adds a pop of color.

1st Nephi Character Labels to use with your character analysis templates. Simply print, cut, and paste right on top of your journal. 20 labels will be sent on 3 .pdf files including characters listed in the first book of The Book of Mormon. 

This kit is available for immediate download. You can purchase them here at the store. 


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