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Free Classes

If learning about scripture journals is something you would like to share with your Relief Society or church group for an activity night, I am willing to come and teach for free (as long as its not too far away). It includes a free "My Personal Study Of" template to photocopy and hand out. Its not centered around my business at all, but rather a spiritual look at why we need to keep scripture journalsĀ and how you can start doing them. Contact me to book a night!

"I've found, as I'm sure you have, that when you are trying to learn from the spirit, it's important to make a note so it will not be forgotten. The more you not only hear but abide by what you've been told, the more the Lord will give to you. It will come more and more rapidly and you will begin to hear and feel those impressions of the Spirit more quickly than you have previously done." -Elder Gene R. Cook

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