3 Ways to Customize Your FaithFetti Word Strips for Your Scriptures or Journals

Hello Lovelies!

I’m so excited for my first tutorial and crazy excited to share the new FaithFetti with you. I'm going to show you how to use gelatos, napkins, and punches to customize your Faithfetti Word Strips for your scriptures or journals.

I got the new Rosenvall Book of Mormon and I adore the wide margins – so much extra space for journaling and art. So far, it’s been a dream come true.  The new layout has really inspired me and my scripture-learning has been taken to new levels.  Something about having the text in a different place and broken up in sections has really made me focus on the words in a new and unique way. 

So let’s get started journaling our faith! 

Supplies Needed:

Rosenvall Book of Mormon is what I used but the word strips can be used anywhere.

FaithFetti: Classic Word Strips

Clear Gesso

Napkins (I saw these adorable napkins at Target and new I wanted to include them in my journaling)

Gelatos in various colors (I chose colors that match the napkins. They are also colors I use a lot in my journaling)

old gift card 


Gesso is MESSY.  So start by covering your workspace. I use a laminated school folder.  I open it up and lay it down with the glossy side up and then gesso away. Squeeze a dollop of gesso directly onto the page and use an old gift card or hotel key to spread the gesso around.  

Be sure to cover the entire page and work quickly. Don’t overwork the gesso or your printed images may start to smear.

Allow the gesso to dry.  I use a heat tool to speed up the process.  You want to make sure you lift the page off of your work surface.  The gesso acts as glue and will permanently adhere your page to your work surface if you don’t lift it off as you dry it.

Add another coat of gesso. I don’t use gesso all the time, but I love how it helps the gelatos blend and move across the page.  I also have an ink jet printer, so if I’m adding any moisture to my printed images, I need to seal them first with the gesso or they will smear.

This is the fun part!  Just scribble color down all over the page.  I don’t think about it too much – but I do try to get a balance of color all over.  With the FaithFetti, it doesn’t matter too much because you will be cutting those teeny words out. 

Now the magic. Use a makeup sponge or your finger to smear and blend the colors out.  Be sure to work the colors into each other.  If you want to add more color, just wait for the gelato to dry, then smudge on more color and blend it in. 

I love how beautiful these colors are!  They are so bright and happy. I know I will be using these A TON during the next couple months.  I adore spring and look forward to the world filling up with color again.

It looks like a hot mess on the page, but I promise you want lots of color variation in small bunches because you will be cutting those teeny words out.  I tried to make sure I had at least 2 colors on every little word strip.

I decided I wanted to add the napkins to the FaithFetti as well. 

All napkins have 2 layers.  You need to peel off the back of the napkin so only the tissue-thin printed side is left.  Gently rub the corner between your fingers until the layers begin to separate. Then use your fingernail or tweezers to help you pull the layers apart. Once it gets going it’s easy to separate the layers.

Apply a thin coat of gesso to the page and gently lay the napkin down. Add another dollop of gesso on top of the napkin and GENTLY smooth the gesso over the napkin. 

Wha-La! Custom FaithFetti.

I used different punches to cut out shapes and tabs from the napkin side of the FaithFetti.  I love the layers! Typed words, subtle gelato color, and printed napkin. Soooooo lovely.  I went back over some of the words with my Micron pen so they would pop a little bit more. I used my finger to blend the ink while it was still fresh so the letters would look like old fashioned type text.  I’m dying over it and can’t wait to use these on future pages!

Here's what they look like inside my Book of Mormon. I can’t wait to see how you customize your FaithFetti! Join me and 1,300+ other inspirational Worthy Written Words community members on facebook to share your photos with us!  Click here to join the free WWW Facebook group for support and encouragement!


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Olá! Meu nome é Michelle,sou Brasil. Amo seu Instagram. Seu trabalho é magnífico. Nao sei se sabe minha lingua brasileira pois nao sei a sua língua. Gostaria muito de adquirir seu trabalho porém em português para me ajudar nos estudos no livro de mórmon. Bom, aguardo ansiosamente seu retorno, desde já agradeço.

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