How to Make a Traveler's Notebook and a General Conference FREEBIE

I’m pretty sure General Conference is everyone’s favorite time of year.  Am I right? Such an incredible opportunity to be spiritually fed, inspired, and left wanting more.  Before I had two young children, I created elaborate notebooks to use for conference. Lately, I need something quick and simple to record my notes, impressions, and prayers that still provides me the space to be creative (swipe some paint or use a sticker).  Enter the DIY Traveler’s Notebook. You may have noticed that traveler’s notebooks are trending in the planner and Bible journaling world- they are a fun and simple way to take notes, journal, make plans, etc.

Putting together a traveler’s notebook is a cinch.  You can use complicated supplies, but I keep it simple and imperfect (remember, Christ says that we are made perfect through Him).


  • Colored Paper or Scrapbook Paper
  • White copy paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors (or paper cutter if you want to get fancy)
  • Stapler or Sewing Machine
  • Small piece of cardboard

The standard traveler’s notebook is 4.33” by 8.25”, but honestly, use the size that best suits your needs.  To begin, use a pretty piece of scrapbook paper (dual-sided scrapbook paper is super fun). Measure 8.66” on one size and 8.25” on the other. This will closely resemble a square.  When you fold it down the middle, you’ll have the standard traveler’s notebook (skinny rectangle).

Determine how full you want your notebook to be.  Because you have the power to make as many notebooks as your heart desires, I recommend keeping your notebook small (it’s easier to work with and less intimidating to fill).  I’ll be using lucky number 7 for today, which will make 28 pages in my notebook. Measure and cut using the above directions.

------ OR ------

Place the cut copy paper on top of the cut scrapbook paper.  Don’t worry about trimming imperfections yet, or at all. Using your ruler and pencil, draw a light line down the center.  This will be helpful if you want to bind with your sewing machine (my two year old, August, was instrumental in feeding the paper through the machine, hehe).

Skip this step if you plan on binding with a stapler.   I’m going to place the papers on top of the cardboard (a pizza box).  Have the white copy paper touching the cardboard and the pattern or colored paper facing you.  Staple in the middle. Gently pull the papers away from the cardboard. Turn over the paper and using your fingernail or the back of the pencil (or butter knife- whatever is close) fold over the staple to seal.  Repeat steps for the top and bottom staple of your notebook.

Now you’re ready to fold your notebook.  Again, use your finger, pencil or butter knife.  And voila, you have a completed traveler’s notebook.  All things are now possible! Be as creative or simple as you like.  Decorate the cover. Pre-pretty the inner pages- let you imagination run wild.  Or, if your two-year old is pulling at your shirt to play cars, keep the notebook simple.  Let’s keep things real, girls! :)

If you’ve read this far and have great plans to make your own notebook, I’ve got a special freebie for you.  


Glue or staple these page headers in your notebook to help define the conference speakers.  I’ll begin my notebook with a page for my prayer: both spiritual and temporal questions that I hope to receive personal revelation for as I listen to the speakers.  On the following pages, I’ll use the speaker page headers. Start with the Presidency (leave three pages). Then adhere the page header: Apostles (leave 12 page)s. Next add the page header for the Seventy and finally the page header Auxiliaries.  I did use some cute scrapbook paper pieces that I’ve hoarded over the years to add some color to the page. If you want an extra special touch, glue tabs on the side of your notebook for quick reference. The Volume 3 Topic Tabs from Worthy Written Words would work great here.  

President Gordon B. Hinckley taught that “Out of all we have heard [during conference], there may be a phrase or a paragraph that will stand out and possess our attention.  If this occurs, I hope we will write it down and reflect on it until we savor the depth of its meaning and have made it a part of our own lives, (“An Humble and a Contrite Heart” Ensign, Nov. 2000, 88).  It is my prayer for each of you that conference blesses your lives, even after the final session concludes.  I pray that you are able to find comfort and renewed vigor from the words of the Lord’s servants.

Be sure to share pictures of your notebooks in the Worthy Written Words: LDS Illustrated Faith Facebook community and on Instagram using the hashtags #ldsillustratedfaith and #worthywrittenwords.  I’d love for you to tag me in these posts so I can see how each of you are documenting your faith.

Now that you’ve made your first traveler’s notebook and you see how quick and easy the process is, let me share a little tip.  These notebooks work great with devotionals.

The Goodly Parents devotional from Worthy Written Words will fit directly on the pages of your notebook.  

For those of you who are still hesitant to color directly on the pages of your scriptures, a traveler’s notebook is the perfect place to practice your creativity and enhance your scripture study.

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