Lucky to have Repentance Page Kit

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“Nevertheless, he that repents and does the commandments of the Lord shall be forgiven.” -Doctrine and Covenants 1:32

This kit can be used for D&C 1:32 or any scripture that talks about Repentance. This page kit is bursting with so many fun elements to bring your scriptures to life!

Included in this kit:

- 3 Lucky gold metal Chinese coins 

- one sheet of precut clear stickers (Chinese character for LUCKY and eight colorful Chinese lanterns)

- two mini wooden “chopsticks” with red tape embellishment  

- one sheet of precut white stickers (Lucky Chinese Cat, Chinese food container, Chinese Characters for REPENT and FORGIVENESS, Chinese food) 

- one action wobble (makes Lucky Chinese Cat’s arm wave)

- 8 pop stickers (use to raise up the cardstock Chinese lanterns that you want to pop off the page and for the Chinese food container flap)

- bag of brown and green crinkle paper (you can glue these on the Chinese food sticker to give the appearance of noodles)

- Eight Precut cardstock Chinese lanterns, one Lucky Chinese Cat arm, and a Chinese food container flap.

- Three precut self adhesive cardstock fortune cookies (they each have a slit cut in them to insert a fortune paper and come with adhesive stickers on the back to adhere them to the page and still allow for the fortune paper to slide in and out)

- Six Precut cardstock fortune cookie papers (4 with fortunes about repentance and 2 blank to fill out yourself)

- One rubber fortune cookie paperclip topper (choose one of the fortune papers, fold it in half, and stick it inside the cookie)

The digital kit includes all the graphics.

 *This layout was inspired by Kelsie Bennett and created with her permission.* 

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