He Finds Me

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"Often times prophets and others are commanded to get to the mountains, temples or holy places to gain their knowledge and witnesses. But for Mary Whitmer, and often times for us, the Lord understands our responsibilities, and as we are diligent in our labors, He seeks us out, and will find us where we are in order to help us overcome our feelings of being overwhelmed or not enough by blessing us with experiences that strengthen our faith. Use this kit to remind you, that He will find you too!" -Jessica Cox 

This kit can be placed anywhere from D&C 14-17. I chose 17 since it’s the section regarding the Three Witnesses.

This kit includes:
-1 Insert with the story of the 12th Witness (Mary Whitmer).

-1 cardstock cutout of each: Dishes, Heart with Bandaid, Laundry Basket, Homework, Cleaning Bucket, Pans, Gardening Tools, Vacuum.

-1 small sticker strip for under the quote.

-Deseret Book will have 1 large sticker piece for the

margin. Line Upon Line will be in cardstock to allow

for the popout.

-1 laminated milk bucket cardstock cutout to help with durability.

-1 Paperclip bookmark with coordinating ribbon.

-1 He finds me quote sticker

-1 popsicle stick with washi tape

-3 large pop up adhesive squares

-1 file tab

The digital kit comes in the form of a PDF and includes all of the pieces to create the page listed above except for the paperclip bookmark, washi tape, adhesives, and file tab.

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