What are Pocket Page Scripture Journals & Journal Cards & How Do I Use Them?

There are lots of ways to create journals. Coptic, 3 ring binders, spiral notebooks, normal bound journals, etc. What I decided to do was to take the popular scrapbooking concept- pocket page albums (you may have heard of the company Project Life that started the movement), and turn one into a scripture journal. The idea is you use a 3 ring binder and page protectors for your journal. However the page protectors are split up into pockets. In these pockets you put journal cards inside.


     You can buy the supplies needed to get started in craft stores like Hobby Lobby or online. There are different types of pocket page protectors for different size albums, and different layouts. I chose to do the 12X12 album, but they do a 6X12 album as well. Journal Card Kits can be bought in many stores for matching themes, however since the concept is for scrapbooking life, there aren't a lot of journaling cards out there for spiritual studies. 

So I have started creating religious journal cards specifically for studying scriptures. There is the Basics Kit Volume 1: Chapters Journal Cards-

which is a must have if you decide to do this type of journal. It takes the Chapters Kit of a normal journal and breaks each category up into its own journal card. You simply print out, cut out, fill out, and slip in a pocket. 

     This concept of journaling is as easy or complicated as you want to make it. You can choose to add embellishments to the cards, or leave them as is. You can also use journal cards in a regular journal, just know that they come in sizes 3X4, 4X3, 6X4, or 6X4. These size journal cards would also make great scripture inserts, where you fill it out and glue it into the binding of your scriptures.

     For example, lets say you decided to study more about temples. You could use the Basics Kit Vol.1 Chapters Journal Cards in white or kraft backgrounds to fill out your personal thoughts, the symbolism of temples, your favorite quote about temples, or use the Basics Kit Vol.2: Topics Journal Cards

to document scriptures that discuss temples or its definition, and use the "I Love to See the Temple" Journal Cards Kit to fill in the other empty pockets recording your spiritual promptings or a special experience that happened to you while in the temple, or bear your testimony about temples. You can also add a picture of you outside the temple.

And then you have a layout that looks like this:


If you have any questions on how to use these cards please feel free to contact me.

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