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Want to Host a Party at Your Home?

Home Parties


You ready for a girls night out...duh, who isn't? Any excuse to get away for a few! There is something really fun about getting a group of women together and crafting together! I have these parties every couple months with my close friends just to hang out and have a great time! 

If you live in Utah County or Salt Lake County, Utah and have a group of friends that would be interested in this, I can come and do a party at your home. This is not an MLM party. 

I am passionate about sharing this concept with others because it has changed my relationship with the Savior so much and helped strengthen my testimony.

How it works:

You gather your besties and their scriptures. I come with all the art supplies. Each guest will receive a folder with free goodies inside, some art brushes, and a plate for a palette. 


The folder contains two high quality colored printouts- one with what I like to call "The Tour of Worthy Written Words" which has a little bit of everything from all my kits on it. The other is a Chapters Kit Vol. 2 template. I will teach you how to use all of them! On the other side is a free traceable, and some paper to use to make a scripture or scripture journal insert. And a paperclip, to make a cute bookmark for your scripture journal or scripture planner.

I will teach you and your guest all about scripture journals. I will show them the different kinds of journals you can have, how to get started, how to use my templates, how to make scripture journal inserts, how to trace and color or paint in your scriptures,

and if desired, how to make your own 7X10 coptic journal out of an 11X14 drawing pad.


Everyone will go home with all their new supplies as well as their scripture inserts. Heres an example of a few some guests have made at a party:

I will also give away free products in the form of raffles, door prizes etc. I will bring my laptop and printer so if guests want to purchase a kit and print it out to use at the party they can.

Party Options-


Due to the cost of printing, materials, gas, etc. each person must pay $10 to come. I know thats not normal for a "home party" but this isn't a normal home party. This is way more fun and you go home with lots of stuff.


This party includes everything in the basic package, and also includes your guests learning how and making their own scripture journal to go home with (size 7X10). This would cost $20 per person to include those supplies which include the book materials and the linen to bind them.

Its a fun way to teach people about scripture journaling. If you do decide to host either party at your home I will give you some free products for yourself. 

 Contact me  and let's set something up!

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