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Our Cultivate Kit “Write it Down” focuses on the importance of writing down the spiritual experiences we have in our lives. The kit features a thoughtful devotional written by Aimee White. The example page is 2 Nephi 29:11 but this will also work in the Old Testament in Jeremiah 30:2, 3 John 1:12, and The Pearl of Great Price Moses 2:1. 

Digital download includes 2 pages of sticker graphics and two pages of the devotional to print out front and back.

Physical Kit includes:

  • Clear Sticker Sheet of Stickers
  • White Sticker Sheet of Stickers
  • 2 Black labels- "which" and "you"
  • 2 strips of pink and orange streamers
  • silver jumbo paperclip
  • Devotional by Aimee White
  • 4 pop dots

Other Supplies Used:

  • Black Puffy Paint

You can also sign up to get future kits like this one in our Cultivate Kits Monthly Subscription. 

Here is a process video showing you how to use the kit: 

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