Arise & Get Thee into the Mountain Traceable

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This is a two page download that you print out and use to trace or as a coloring page for your scriptures or journal. 

In 1 Nephi 17:7 Nephi is told to "Arise and get thee into the mountain." This is where the Lord chose to instruct Nephi in lieu of a temple. Going up a high mountain is hard work. But when you get there, you can see the bigger picture. Your perspective of the world is broadened. The same thing can happen with us as we visit the temple. When we choose to focus on the big picture, it makes it easier to come back down to reality and deal with the daily pressures of life. We are given strength. And sometimes going to the temple is a sacrifice and takes work to get there, just like climbing a mountain would be.

Due to the nature of digital files no refunds can be given. For personal use only.

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