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"The Lord will prepare me to cross my 'great deep.' To get to the promised land, the Jaredites faced a major obstacle: crossing the “great deep” (Ether 2:25). The phrase “great deep” can be a fitting way to describe what our trials and challenges sometimes feel like. And sometimes, as was the case for the Jaredites, crossing our own “great deep” is the only way to fulfill God’s will for us. Do you see similarities to your life in Ether 2:16–25? How has the Lord prepared you for your challenges? What might He be asking you to do now to prepare for what He needs you to do in the future?” -Come Follow Me Book of Mormon 2020, November 9-15

Kit contents listed in the pictures. This layout can also be used in the New Testament in Romans 8:39.

        This kit is part of the "A Year of the Book of Mormon" Bundle.

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        Here is a video tutorial showing you how to use this kit.

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