Scripture Journaling: Sketch Notes Style

I am always looking for new ways to journal my scripture studies and I came across a cool style that is used in sketch notes. Here is my inspiration page:


via Yahni in London

Its a way of taking notes that is very visual. The idea is to use a lot of pictures and less words to get a point across. Since I have so many words that I don't want to leave out, I chose instead to use the layout ideas to enhance the look of my scripture journal pages. I started with the idea of using a gray marker to shadow words and dashes. What a difference it made! 


1 Nephi Ch. 12

1 Nephi Ch. 12


I also like the look of the dashes and the labels. I also tried to incorporate more visual images, small icons and pictures. It has made a fun different look to what could have been some very boring pages.


1 Nephi Ch. 5

I've never been a fan of my handwriting but this has been good practice at making it better. I still have a long way to go but I its fun learning different techniques. I hope this inspires you to get a little more creative with your journaling. Enjoy!


Aimee White

To cover up words or not is a personal choice. Some people have a book of scripture dedicated to art only and another one for study so they are comfortable covering up words. Other people choose to do their artwork in the margins only or to use see through media like colored pencils, clear stickers, or watercolors so they can see the words underneath. I hope that helps!

Aimee White

If you put the word strips and color all over, how do you reread thew passages? I am new to scripture journaling Thanks, Kathleen

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