Process Video: How to Use Watercolors in Book of Mormon

Here is my first process video I have ever made. This video will walk you through how I made this image in my scriptures using the "I'll Never Desert You" freebie traceable and some watercolors. This also includes how to fix major mess-ups like smudging. So you can replicate this in your own regular or large scriptures! I learned a lot about how to make the next video much better for you to follow along. So excuse how far away it is for some of it, my hat, hat hair, etc. haha!


Supplies needed:

I'll Never Desert You Freebie Watercolors and water brush or paint brush
Clear Gesso
Gelly Roll pens green and black

optional supplies-

craft tool heat gun
light board for tracing or window


If you need to know how to prep your pages before you start painting, here is the blog post for that:

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