What Am I Worth? Personal Progress Value 7 Project


I am inspired by the young women in my church who work towards their relationship with God. What I love about the personal progress program our church has for these young women is that I can do it along with my daughters and it not only teaches about a relationship with God but also teaches you about yourself. I choose this topic from the program as the first in this series because I believe it is something we, as women, all struggle with or have struggled with, and it can be used in so many ways to help lift us up. Who doesn't want to be encouraged daily!

"What am I Worth?"- This collection is one in a series that focuses on our young women and their personal progress as they navigate life, faith and their own self-worth.

Personal Progress Projects – Value 7 – just like it mentions – pass these cards out to your friends, family and Youth Leaders so they can write positive qualities about you. There is a total of 9 different colors. You can choose to print from a PNG, JPG or PDF file. These cards are created in a 3x4 size to fit easy in pocket scrapbooks, $1 photo albums, inspirational boxes and more.

This kit is included in the What am I Worth? Bundle here: what-am-i-worth-bundle

Other add ons to this kit include: 

"What am I Worth? Kit"

"What am I Worth? Personal Progress Planner"

"What am I Worth? Scripture Study Guides"

"What am I Worth? Value 6 Project"

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