Mother Hen Page Kit

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D&C 10:65, D&C 29:2, D&C 43:24

Luke 13:34, Matthew 23:37

3 Nephi 10:4-6

Wow so many references to a mother hen gathering her chicks! I knew if such precious space was used in the scriptures to say the same thing so many times it must be pretty important. I studied these scriptures more than I ever have while creating this layout. And I absolutely fell in love with the mother hen. I had no idea what a mother hen actually does for her chicks until I saw a video of a mother protecting her small babies from an attacking cobra. I read a story of a mother hen willing to give up her own life and burn in a hot fire while keeping her baby chicks safe from the flames. I saw pictures of how these little fluffy chicks all fit cozily under their mother’s protective wings. I fell in love learning about this dedicated nurturing creature. I learned why Christ is likened to a mother hen gathering her chicks. A hen will warn, guide, protect, comfort, nourish and love her chicks. The Savior warns, guides, protects, comforts, nourishes and loves us. We only need to come to Him.

Just like a mother hen takes her young under her wings and protects them from dangers, Jesus Christ will protect us from Spiritual Dangers. Don’t let Satan or the voices of the world lure you from the safety of His protecting care. -Tamara Zappe

This kit includes:

*One sheet of clear stickers (large barn, quote, and barnyard items)

*One brad (attaches windmill)

*A hand painted metallic windmill that really turns!!(already attached to clear sticker with the brad and ready for placement.)

*4 pop up stickers (use to pop up the cardstock pieces from the page)

*2 Hens, chicks and page title quote on white sticker paper

*Cardstock wooden wheelbarrow and basket of eggs with a hay

*Adorable chenille chick paper clip topper (may need to be refluffed after shipment)


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