Greater Focus for Worthy Written Words

Greater Focus for Worthy Written Words

2018 is a big year for Worthy Written Words. I've started hammering out some of the details that, had I a degree in running a business, I might have already done. But this whole website didn't just happen one day, it has evolved over the last 6 years into what it is today. I am learning as I go. First thing I did was figure out what the mission statement of the company actually is. And after a lot of prayer and advice and inspiration, I locked it down to this:

"At Worthy Written Words we provide study tools, beautiful art, and instructional resources that help awaken and cultivate a deeply rooted relationship with Jesus Christ and a flourishing testimony of his restored gospel."

This meant that the logo of the bird was no longer going to work. It did not tie in to the overall mission of the company. So again after a lot of thought and inspiration and attempts I came up with this image for the new logo:

I adore it. I want it to show that by spending time in God's word, your testimony will not only be firmly rooted but it will flourish as well. Slowly I am updating all the products on the website to show this new logo.

Also, another HUGE change this year is that instead of flying solo, I have added about 12 designers to help me add content to the website. 

After creating this announcement a couple more designers have joined. Each of these beautiful women are passionate and extremely talented. There is a photographer, a writer, an illustrator, etc. Each is unique and is going to bring you some amazing designs that will help strengthen your relationship with the Savior. I am thrilled to have more variety on the site for journaling styles. I am also excited for the new collections these women have already started, such as printable wall art, or studying in travelers notebooks with devotionals. Soon a new collection will be added called "Quick Pages" that will allow you to print out a page already illustrated, add any personal notes and add it to your wide margin Book of Mormon binders. How cool is that?!? These are areas that haven't been my focus or my strong point, but it most certainly is theirs. And perhaps they will speak more to your soul than I have. I am truly excited about the different people we will now be able to reach.

With the new year comes a narrowed focus. Deeper content. And farther reach. I hope you will join me in studying this year and taking the time to document your spiritual experiences and impressions from the Holy Ghost. There is so much to look forward to!



Aimee White
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